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Greenbrier Pool Party Agreement form


1. Only a current member, with dues paid in full for the season, can book a party and must be present at the party.


2. A member may book a party on behalf of a sports team, scout troop, church group, school, etc.


3. A Greenbrier Pool Party Rental Agreement must be completed and signed by the member and the management team at least two weeks prior to the party.  All parties and functions must be scheduled through and approved by the Pool Manager.


4. Deposit for the party is due at the time of booking and must be made with check or cashier’s check.  Cancellations occurring fewer than seven (7) days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of the deposit fee.  The full rental fee must be paid the day of the event.

Parties held during normal operating hours:  

 $75 deposit fee for 2 hours, plus $3 fee per non-member swimmer 



Parties held during non-normal operating hours (“non-normal operating hours” includes both after-hours parties and parties held on days during which the pool is not officially open for business):  


  • $300 for 2 hours for up to 120 guests, plus ($150.00 per additional hour); $100.00 deposit due at time of booking



5. Party rentals will have 15 minutes of setup prior to the event and 15 minutes of clean up time after the event end-time.  It is the undersigned’s responsibility to leave the premises as they were found.  Any special party arrangements must be approved by Greenbrier Pool before rental.


6. The conduct of guests is the renting member’s responsibility and the renting member must ensure that all guests comport with the Greenbrier Pool Rules and Regulations.  Rules and Regulations are available on the pool’s website at  Children must be supervised at all times.  Greenbrier Pool is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, acts of God, such as extreme high or low temperatures, winds, storms, power failures, flooding or fire. 


7. The renting member must maintain and/or provide at the request of Greenbrier Pool names and contact information for all guests under the age of 18 for emergency purposes.


8. Renting members or guests who violate the Greenbrier Pool Rules and Regulations may be ejected from the facility and/or the function may be terminated with loss of fee and deposit.


9. Greenbrier Pool reserves the right to cancel an event if the facilities are, in the sole judgment of an authorized Greenbrier Pool representative, rendered unsuitable for the event due to calamity, weather, power failure, act of God, city/county violation, or any other occurrences beyond the control of Greenbrier Pool.  In the event of such cancellation, the renting member will not be liable for payment of any fees for the cancelled event, nor will Greenbrier Pool have any further liability or obligations with regard to the cancelled event.


10. No alcohol is allowed within the pool grounds or parking lots (except at Board-approved private parties).


11. Parties are subject to any and all additional rules and guidelines contained in the Greenbrier Pool Party Rental Agreement.


12.  Violation of any of the provisions of the Greenbrier Pool Party Rental Agreement and/or the Rules and Regulations of Greenbrier Pool may, at the pool’s discretion, result in the ejection of individuals from the premises and/or pool, closure of the pool, and/or cancellation of the event.  In the event of such action, no refund of fees or deposits will be provided.





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