2020 Pool Membership Rates


We are excited to announce that pool membership for the 2020 pool season will stay the same as the 2019 rates:

Family Membership $550 NO stock assessment
Single Membership $400 NO stock assessment 
Senior Single Membership (65+) $385 NO stock assessment
Empty Nest (2 adults no children) $475 NO stock assessment 

We are also going to have a “Welcome to GB Pool Package”
Anyone who has never been a member of the pool (NEW MEMBERS) and anyone who did not join for the 2019 season can join for the 2020 summer season for $450.00 NO stock assessment

You may complete our fillable PDF membership application here and email it to You can pay via PayPal here.
You can also mail  it, along with a check, to Greenbrier Pool, PO Box 4184, Charleston, WV, 25364.
We also offer the convenience of completing the online application below and paying with a credit or debit card, or check. Please note, there is an additional $10.00 charge when using a credit or debit card to pay.  You may pay with a check by completing this application and depositing your check uploading a picture of the check. There is no additional charge for that option. 

Apply and pay now

5103 Chesterfield Avenue SE
Charleston WV
P.O. Box 4184
Charleston, WV 25364 
Phone: 304-925-8310 (Seasonal)
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