Single:            $ 400

Senior Single: $ 385

Family:            $ 550  

*"Empty Nest"  $500

*Two adults with no children who are attending



In addition to the annual membership, each membership (family or single) must pay an initial assessment of $1,000. This assessment may be paid in full or in $200 increments for the first 5 years of the membership.


Once the membership assessment has been paid in full, the member receives a certificate entitling the member to 5 fully paid and nonassignable shares of the Greenbrier Pool Associates, Inc. For more information, please review the bylaws.

You may complete our fillable PDF membership application here and email it to You can pay via PayPal here.
You can also mail  it, along with a check, to Greenbrier Pool, PO Box 4184, Charleston, WV, 25364.
We also offer the convenience of completing the online application below and paying with a credit or debit card, or check. Please note, there is an additional $10.00 charge when using a credit or debit card to pay.  You may pay with a check by completing this application and depositing your check uploading a picture of the check. There is no additional charge for that option. 

Apply and pay now

5103 Chesterfield Avenue SE
Charleston WV
P.O. Box 4184
Charleston, WV 25364 
Phone: 304-925-8310 (Seasonal)

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